Things_I_did_when_noone_was_lookingAfter I had calmed down I saw Kate, she took my hand and squeezed it tightly as she said “I’ll be your friend forever, don’t be scared.” From that day onward we continued to be the best of friends. We both decided to make a pledge to become “blood sisters,” like we saw them do on western movies where the Indians would cut their wrists and hold them together allowing the blood to mix and the scars would be there forever as a sign that you had a true “blood brother.”

We had planned to do this so we could become sisters. I took a knife from our kitchen drawer, and we snuck out through the back door of our house to a secret park not far away. I handed Kate the knife as we pledged our sisterhood to one another, then she cut her wrist –  it began bleeding. I then took the knife in my left hand and cut my right wrist, there was blood everywhere, and we laughed with excitement as we held out wrists together tightly until the bleeding had stopped.

Neither of us had thought how dangerous this was, we had no idea that people cut their wrists in order to commit suicide. We were so innocent and had not realised that we had lived out stuff we saw in movies.